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Rice with Roasted Vegetables


Crisp, clean sheets, spotlessly clean rooms and a high level of hygiene is provided and maintained via Fresh Camp Services excellent Housekeeping services. Clothes are regularly expertly washed and ironed to ensure fresh clothing is available as and when required.

All contractors will experience a ‘Home away from home’ feeling, through every aspect of housekeeping services being provided for at every campsite.

These include, but are not limited to:

The daily cleaning of rooms – which includes the making of beds and the thorough cleaning of bathrooms, floors, furniture, and windows.


The weekly washing of work clothing and a weekly rotation of linen to maintain hygiene and cleanliness within every contractor’s living quarters and ensure presentability at work.


Long periods away from home are difficult and so we at Fresh Camp Services are constantly aware of the importance of the comfort and satisfaction of every contractor.


Because every village or site is a ‘Home away from Home’ we take great pride in the tidiness and aesthetic appeal of all our landscaped areas. Our green areas are important to contractors and employees alike and Fresh Camp Services employ experts in this field to design and create pleasing to the eye sites and keep them in good condition throughout the year. Tidiness too is ensured as part of these services.

Our Landscaping services include, but are not restricted too:

General maintenance of the grounds around the village


The grass is freshly cut every week


There is a general litter collection daily


All outside common areas are also regularly swept.


In every aspect of village or camp lifestyle, Fresh Camp Services strive for a welcoming and fresh approach and uncompromising maintenance of standards. Our green areas are no exception.


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – We agree and add that the way to increased productivity too is to ensure delicious, healthy mass catering offerings! We are experts at mass catering requests of every nature and have years of expertise in this area of camp services. All of our goods are freshly procured and we involve local area merchants in their purchase. This is a community upliftment initiative and together with the assurance that standard rotation processes are followed, we guarantee that every ingredient is as fresh as it can be.

Our food and catering services include, but are not restricted to:

Mass catering as per client approved menu rotations


General specifications catering – from plated breakfasts and dinners to lunches, which are usually supplied in a takeaway form


All our kitchens are commercially fitted allowing us to cater for 100 to 2,000+ residents



We at Fresh Camp Services take pride in knowing that every plate of food served is not just mass produced, but a culinary delight! At our site canteens contractors and employees can relax and enjoy a meal of the day, or choose something other than the mass produced catering options from our menu. It is also the local ‘cafe’ with an assortment of take away items.

Our Canteens service includes but is not limited to:

The supply of various food options based on a ‘menu style’ service offering.


The supply of a full assortment of cold drinks, sweets, chocolates, chips and many other ‘take away’ items, based on the most popular choices.


A delicious ‘Meal of the day’ based on a weekly menu specification. Our Chefs are inventive and take pride in these offerings.


Every village or camp needs to have a communal area where one can be social – have some food choices or just pop in for a treat every now and again. Fresh Camp Services consider the happiness of all who inhabit the camp and try to create as much a possible that is a reminder of home.

Accomodation Management

Effective on-site Accommodation Management is considered to be of such importance that our onsite Managers are expertly trained to be innovative and handle crisis management instantly. Every aspect of the handling of Kufuma holding’s people and ensuring the administration and comfort of all our client’s contractors and employees is expertly handled.

Our Accommodation management services include but are not limited to:

A well-trained site manager is based on site at every site or village


The booking in and signing out of residents as per our client’s requirements are efficiently handled.


Our onsite managers take responsibility for all employees on site, contract requirements, first line maintenance, resident’s concerns etc.



The whole village turnkey Solution

We know how daunting managing and overseeing your project can be, but we’re here to make the process smooth and easy.


Fresh Camp Services team has been serving in the construction industry for over 35 years.

We’re a team of fully certified professionals who tackle everything from complex projects to simpler operations.


Fuelled by our commitment to excellence, we go the extra mile to make sure clients are completely satisfied with our work.

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